Ascidiacyclamide at 90 K

cyclo(-Ile-Oxz-D-Val-Thz-)2 from benzene solution
The structure of ascidiacyclamide was reported by Ishida et al. Chem.Commun. 370 (1987) and Ishida et al. J.Org.Chem. 53, 107 (1988), and registrated in CSD (REFC=FAZJUL and FAZJUL10).

However, the reflection data were measured at 90 K by Bruker SMART APEX CCD detector again. The low temperature condition and high number of reflections resulted a better strucutre. Especially, the benzene molecules are well refined.

side view

top view
Figures are produced by Rasmol and POVray3

Table 1. Crystal and experimental data for Acidiacyclamide
  Formula            C36H52N8O6S2,2(C6H6)      Mr               913.19
  Crystal system     monoclinic                Space group      C2
     a, A            15.2584(13)                  a, deg        90
     b, A            13.2672(11)                  b, deg       100.42(10) 
     c, A            12.6353(11)                  g, deg          90 
     V, A3           2515.7(4)                    Z               2
     T, K              90                      Dx, g cm-3        1.206
  F(000)              976                      mu, mm-1          0.160
  X-ray source       Mo Ka                     lambda, A         0.71073
  No. of reflx obs   14019                     R(int)            0.0184 
  No. of reflx used   5777                     No. of para     301
     R               0.0738                      wR              0.1887
  Flack x            0.04(13)                  (D/s)max          0.014
  Drmax, e A3        0.663                     Drmin, e A3      -0.364
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